Saturday, 17 January 2015


I had the honour of going on a friends Stag

This was a camping trip with the amazing Paul Kirtley, and some great fellows

Paul treated us to some amazing game and bushcraft skills. One of the stand out activities was butchering a deer and enjoying a venison feast.

I know this is not to everyone's taste. But I believe we should all have an understanding of where food comes from. That way you can understand the process and respect the animal.
Paul explaining to us the Fallow deer

The beautiful stag

Me skinning it before it was jointed.

I didn't grab many pictures, but it was a stunning day. Flash fried venison steaks in a tipi you helped build

The whole animal was used and respected.

Bushcraft Show

I forged an Axe last year with Wetterlings

This year it's a blacksmiths (Viking) knife with Austine

A great blacksmith

Was a great experience. I wrapped the handle in cord and sorted a sheath.

I made that!

My ambition is to make knifes of the ages. I've done flint. Now forging. I need to sort casting now.

A few projects

Another Svord
Home stabilised Spalted scales on this one

An antler pot and a spoon

Another flint knife
A flake struck on a course with Will Lord. Antler handle and a buffalo horn pommel. And an image from Crewwell Crags cut into the handle and filled with ochre.

Saturday, 26 April 2014

Flint Knife

For Christmas I got a Flint Knife Kit.

I seem to have an interest in knives in general, so a history of them needs my attention.

And here it is. Flint blade. Antler tine handle. And pitch glue fitting.

(Yes I have plasters, but honestly it's not from the knife 😳)

And a sheath of leather with sinew stitching.

Little projects

Pen and keyring kits

These usualy have turned wood barrels. But I don't have a lathe, so I improvised.

Meeting a Hero

Picture kind of says it all


Another Axe Mask

My Wildlife hatchet needs a proper sheath as the original is not great. So here's my go at it.

Part cut and ready for the next step

Starting to take shape

And there we go.
I also decided to make an axe loop too to fit in ☺️